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Studio Policy

  • We have a firm no latecomers policy. You may not be admitted into the class once it has started.

  • All members are advised to arrive 15 minutes early to check in before class.

  • Please wear socks, or socks with grips for Pilates. 

  • Please wear shirts with sleeves that cover your armpits and pants that cover the back of your knees for Aerial.

  • Clean all machines down with the provided disinfectant after class.

New to Reformers?

Check out this short video to get you acquainted with the reformer machine

Introducing the Reformer

Reformer Pilates uses this Reformer Machine that allows you to move through full range while working on strengthening muscles. 




Foot bar


Springs &
Spring Gear Bar


Pully Post
or Risers



Step 1: Springs

The springs are color coded to differentiate their resistance, you can have one or multiple springs attached at one time. While one may assume the lighter the resistance the easier, you'll realize fairly quickly that when tension is low, you'll have to recruit core stabilizer muscles alot more to maintain control, which is anything but easy. 

Yellow: Very Light resistance, Blue: Light resistance, 

Red: Medium resistance, Green: Heavy resistance


Step 2: Straps

There are the shorter and longer straps. The straps will be over the shoulder rest. 


Step 3: Platform

The platform in the front is a "safe space" if you are feeling unstable. It is a great place 


Step 4: Carriage

The moving carriage has rollers underneath so it can move horizontally within the frame. Make sure you're connected with at least one spring, or else you'll drift away! 

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