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Welcome to Our Studio

Our Studio Space

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Aerial Studio
Reformer Studio
Studio Entrance and Reformer Studio Orientation

Please place shoes in shoe cabinet. You can come on in to take a seat and enjoy some candy, tea, and our literature

If there are no classes happening, please feel free to head in and warm up​
We have the Reformer room to the left and Aerial Room to the right 
​Changing rooms are located in either room, where curtains and a carpet are
​Please place your bags in designated cabinets in either room.​
If you don't wish to be touched please help yourself to a non tactile cue pompom to place next to your equipment​
If you need grip socks, we have them on sale or available for rental​,​

New to the Reformer Machine?

Here's a short video introducing the reformer machine

Aerial Orientation and bathroom

Please place your belongings on the shelf behind the white curtain


Should you need the restroom, it is located behind the aerial room. Please go ahead and head through the classroom in order to use the restroom.


Enjoy! We can't wait to welcome you to our classes.​,​

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