Mindful Movement was born out of a deep desire to teach quality movement. We believe in giving our practitioners the gift of self-awareness to better understand their bodies.  

Our small, personalized classes give our clients individual attention within a group setting. We also specialize in one-on-one to Private sessions to work with your specific needs, injuries, or goals.​

Together, we build sound foundations and guide people through a full range of different movement modalities in a safe space.

Our instructors are always growing, and so far, have had accreditations in Aerial Yoga, Antigravity, Functional Range Conditioning, Pilates, Yoga, and more. We are always looking to expand our education to help our clients address their movement needs.  ​




Founder of Mindful Movement

Teacher Trainer

  • Polestar Pilates Studio Course Certified

  • Polestar Scoliosis Workshop with Alexander Bohlander Certified

  • Pilates Adaptations for Scoliosis Based on Teachings of the Schroth Method with Lise Stolze + Hagit Berdishevsky

  • Antigravity Fundamentals, Suspension Fitness, AirBarre

  • OM Advanced Teacher Training Aerial Hammock

  • Mindful Movement Barre Founder & Teacher Trainer 


Joanna is a Pilates, Aerial and Barre instructor who takes to working first from a pain-free zone with kindness and empathy. As the founder of Mindful Movement she seeks to motivate others to find deeper connections between mind and body, growing their body awareness to find freedom of movement in all planes of motion.

Hwee Hwee

Reiki Healer, Hatha Yoga Instructor & Bhakti Yogi   

  • G.S. College of Yoga and Cultural Synthesis, Kaivalydham

  • Quality Council of India (QCI) by Indian Yoga Association

  • Reiki Healing - Reiki Level 3 Practioner 


With yoga, Hwee fell in love with the low impact workout (which was gentle for her teenage injured spine). With many injury experiences (she has injured every where possible in her body), she is even more mindful in giving variations and modifications for all body types during asana practice. ​


As an advocate of self awareness, she believes that the whole point of practising yoga is to increase self awareness. And hence, the practice between asana (physical exercise) and meditation has integrated into one. It is said that we don't do meditation, meditation happens to us.


Yoga Instructor 

  • 200-Hour Hot Yoga Teacher Training with Copper Crow at Hom Yoga Singapore

  • Reignite and Rediscover: 300-Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training with Arun Rana at Pure Yoga Singapore


Amelia believes that yoga is for everyone. You don’t have to be flexible to be able to do yoga, all you need to have is a strong mindset, an open mind and your breath.  


Yoga started out as a substitute for the running she did everyday and It soon evolved into something that she turns to constantly. Not having a particular style that she loves, she does Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin and the occasional Hot class when she feels like it.


Bubbly and happy in nature, Amelia loves to make her classes fun and challenging, and just seeing everyone have fun! Outside of yoga, you can find her spending most of her time with her dog, doing hikes, running marathons, or just reading a book.


Yoga Instructor 

  • Sky Yoga 35 Hour Flow Teacher Training

  • 200-Hour Traditional Yoga Teacher Training 


Yoga has been a part of Catherine's life for over 10 years. Initially it was to learn a new 'sport', and as she grow stronger, more flexible (both on and off the mat), and deeper into her own practice, she soon realised how teaching yoga can benefit those around her and that’s when she decided that she wants to teach.


She strongly believes that she will always be a student of Yoga and is deeply grateful for the loving wisdom her teachers have shared and she strives to teach yoga with that very same intention. Aerial yoga for her is a combination of yoga, dance and flying! She loves to combine these with a spirit of fun, playfulness and strength.  


Her ultimate relaxation is Savasana or just simply doing nothing. In today’s world where everybody is constantly busy doing something, it takes effort to be able to sit down, having nothing to do to but reconnect with oneself.


Yoga Instructor 

  • Padmakarma 200 Yoga Teacher Training

  • Off the Mat into the World - Yoga for Self-Regualtion and Trauma 

  • Meditation Teacher Training with Tracee Stanley 


Since starting ballet at the age of 4, Eve has been exposed to different styles of dance and always enjoys the joy and confidence gained through them. When she was first exposed to barre, she fell in love with the tiny yet effective ‘barre burn’ movements set to upbeat music and has never stopped since.  


Out of the studio, she loves traveling and always has a fun time exploring nature with her loved ones.  


She looks forward to sharing this joy and mind-body awareness with you through barre. Do expect a high energy class with upbeat pop music with her!


Acroyoga Instructor 

  • Acroyoga International Acroyoga and Acrofit


Brenda was always intrigued by cheerleading and had her first mind blowing experience in cheerleading in her early 20s. She was then exposed to Acroyoga in her late 20s and found similarities in cheerleading and Acroyoga. This led her to continue her passion of flying in Acroyoga.  


Brenda loves standing acrobatics and the fear of height never stops her from trying standing or popping tricks. She loves being tossed into the air and flying high.  


She decided to start sharing her passion with people to help them experience Acroyoga in a safe, fun and progressive manner.  


“If it’s not fun, it’s not Acroyoga!”