in studio classes resumed!



Mindful Movement was born out of a deep desire to teach quality movement. We believe in great form - being attentive and aware of what's happening inside your body, and what it looks like from the outside. We want to nurture self-awareness, whether in group sessions, or privates one-on-one, we work with you to better understand what's happening in your body, to reach goals ranging from walking pain free to attaining peak performance in the circus or sports.

We believe in being awake and present to our daily environment, recognizing the impact of how we move in the world and how our daily movements affect our body. When our bodies move better, we feel better. 

Welcome to Wellness.


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learn to modify, protect, and challenge your body
our form series 
we raised $315 for it's raining raincoats!
2 MAY       3.45PM
Raise the barre