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Empower Yourself Using the Feldenkrais Method: Interrupt Unhelpful Movement Patterns and Relearn to Move with Ease and Efficiency

Have you ever wondered if you could move with less pain and more fluidity? The Feldenkrais Method offers a unique approach that could transform how you feel in motion and how you feel generally.

  • Greater Ease: Move effortlessly in your exercises with newfound fluidity.

  • Prevention of Injuries: Reduce the risk of strain and injury by learning optimal movement patterns.

  • Improved Balance: Enhance your body's equilibrium for greater stability and confidence.

Testimonial: ‘The best way I can describe how it felt was "fluid". My shoulders felt free and smooth in movement, the like of which I haven't felt in years - if ever! I didn't really know what to expect, but I was, and am, blown away by how I felt after the session and still feel now several hours later.’ - Gerry Cox

I invite you to join one of my introductory sessions to experience firsthand how this method can help you reconnect with your body in a new and enlightening way. Whether you’re looking to enhance your fitness practice, recover from an injury, or simply move better in your daily life, Feldenkrais provides the tools you need.

Through 'Awareness Through Movement' lessons, which involve thinking, sensing, moving, feeling and imagining, you can effectively improve your movement habits. The goal is simple: make every motion easier and more efficient.

Testimonial: 'My head, neck and shoulders felt much freer and lighter. My mood was very much uplifted and I felt very refreshed, relaxed and upbeat at the same time. I really didn’t expect to feel so different given that just before that, I had been feeling so unhappy in my body and mind from overwork and probably burnout.' - Michelle Chua

How does this change happen?

The Feldenkrais Method increases your awareness and sensitivity of your intentions and actions through slow, gentle and novel movements. This leads to improved balance, reduced pain, and greater ease in your exercises and daily activities. By diversifying your movement habits, you reduce wear and tear on your body. Showing up for the things and people you love with vitality.

Why does this matter?

In our daily movements and exercises, unnecessary muscular tension and repetitive movements can lead to strain, injury, and even emotional distress. Tension, pain and fatigue not only affect our physical health but also change who we are and how we show up in the world. By learning to interrupt these unhelpful patterns and creating healthier alternatives, your movements become more sustainable and joyful. With greater vitality, you show up more dynamically in every part of your life.

Think of the Feldenkrais Method as fine-tuning your instrument—your body. You'll learn to move with less strain, preventing injuries and reducing fatigue. This isn't just recovery; it's an enhancement to your fitness, enabling you to enjoy your activities with greater pleasure for a longer time.

Testimonial: 'Immediately afterward, as I walked on the street toward the bus stop, I experienced a sense of lightness and ease. That night, I had a restful sleep, and the next morning, I felt a slight soreness in the upper arm of my weaker side. However, by the afternoon, it had completely disappeared. Overall, I felt refreshed, and it was truly an amazing experience.' - Hui Pin

Developed by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais in the mid-20th century, this method is based on principles of physics, biomechanics, and an understanding of human development. The focus is on learning—discovering how your body works and finding easier ways to move.

Expect a relaxed atmosphere where you can learn at your own pace in these sessions. Each movement and sequence is designed to reveal your body’s potential and capabilities, fostering an environment of growth and discovery.

Join me to start your journey into a deeper understanding of your body through the Feldenkrais Method. Embrace the opportunity to enhance your physical well-being and discover a new level of harmony between your body and mind. Let's unlock that incredible potential together!

Sign up for my upcoming Feldenkrais Method: Mini Healthy Back Series! A 3-week workshop that teaches you to move smarter, not harder! If you are unable to attend all sessions of the series, feel free reach out and drop in for a session. Also, watch out for my Feldenkrais Method: Pelvic Floor Series in July-Aug 2024 on Sundays!

About the instructor: Gursharon Kaur is in her 3rd year of a 4-year training program led by Alan Questel, who studied directly with Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais.

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