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I had an ankle surgery in late 2017 for a 4-year ankle injury sustained through intense dance trainings. After surgery, I suffered from considerable discomfort and my mobility was limited. It was impossible to dance without feeling any pain. This was when I discovered Pilates as a form of rehabilitation.


Pilates has helped me

to be more balanced in my movement, realign my knee and ankle placement and understand how my body functions. Through multiple sessions, I've attained greater ankle strength, stability and flexibility. It still surprises me how I always walk away feeling good and lighter on my feet after each session! Having tried several forms of treatment like Physiotherapy and TCM, Pilates works the best for me - I have never felt this much relief in such a short time span.

When I went for my first Aerial class, I remember going "what IS this?". I was beyond fascinated and by the end of the class, I was sold. 

Thinking back, I would have never imagined to find an art like such, that provided me with an outlet to release my emotions and energy. Aerial grants me the freedom to go as far as my body feels good and promotes learning at a comfortable pace. As such, it has shaped my self trust, self confidence, and self awareness. I like how I am able to connect my mind and body during class and focus on my own improvement at a place with no judgement and just love. I am glad that I found joy in such an incredible movement!

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