Take away the pain from your Back, Knees, Wrists and Shoulders in our comprehensive Form Series!

Know how your body is different from the rest. You will learn how to modify, adapt and change exercises to fit your unique body type through our simple-to-follow videos. These are scientifically proven and common techniques taught in live classes everything.

What you will get:
1.    How to Find Neutral Pelvis - a Three Part Series to help you stand / sit / lie down well
2.    How to Bridge - Learn how to articulate your spine 
3.    How to Swan - Learn how to back bend without pain 
4.    How to Mermaid - How to sidebend without aggravating tightness 

5.    How to Push Up - Keep shoulders and necks safe with our push up technique

6.    How to Sideplank - Stabilize shoulder joints and your entire back with these techniques

7.    How to Roll Down - Learn how to use your abs, instead of just your back, to roll down and roll up 

Limited offer: Also available for a two-week trial with purchase of our 10 classes package.

Entire Form Series

$75.00 Regular Price
$55.00Sale Price
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