We also offer classes through Webex and at Woodleigh


We understand that during these times not everyone can afford classes, but everyone deserves health. Please drop us a line if you're interested in our offerings so we can work something out. 

Our offerings

  • Live Aerial, Pilates, and Yoga Classes Island Wide!


    30 Singapore dollars
  • Pilates, Dance, and Outdoor Movement


    30 Singapore dollars
  • Individually tailored sessions to help you with your goals

    150 Singapore dollars
Jan 2022

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online classes 

 #FLYWITHFITNESS aims to combine wellness, mindfulness and nutrition education to help each individual achieve their ‘whol-listic’ best. They believe in leaving people feel lifted and empowered after each session.

 #chuanstudio is a movement studio that believes deeply ingrained habits can be improved to an astonishing degree with new information. With the information they provide, people will be pleasantly surprised with new results – from leading to less pain, better coordination or fluidity of movement – they all point to an enriching state of full, dynamic living.