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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Mindful Movement was born out of a deep desire to teach quality movement. We believe in giving our practitioners the knowledge to better understand their bodies through encouraging sound parameters, orienting people to give them a safe space to explore a full range of different movement modalities.  Our small, personalized classes give our clients individual attention within a group setting. For those of us who would like to deepen body awareness, we offer Private sessions one-on-one to work with your specific needs with our studio apparatus.

Our instructors are always growing, and so far, have had accrediations in Aerial Yoga, Antigravity, Functional Range Conditioning, Pilates, Yoga, and more. We are always looking to learn hand in hand with our clients to better help address their movement needs. 

Joanna is a Pilates, Aerial and Barre instructor who takes to working first from a pain-free zone. As the founder of Mindful Movement she seeks to motivate others to find deeper connections between mind and body, growing their body awareness to find freedom of movement in all planes of motion.

  • Polestar Pilates Full Studio Course Certified

  • Polestar Scoliosis Workshop with Alexander Bohlander Certified

  • Antigravity Fundamentals, Suspension Fitness, AirBarre

  • OM Advanced Teacher Training Aerial Hammock

  • Barre

Yoga addict, Acro-fiend, Fitness freak, Movement devotee, Wanderlust.


Jeanette loves to spread her passion and love in Yoga, Fitness and Movement with a style in which all actions are motivating and playful whilst being vibrant, revitalising and balanced. 


From Yoga to ballet, hip hop to pole dancing, Jeanette’s entire life has been immersed in movement. She loves the feeling of freedom in both her body and mind through practicing and teaching yoga. She fell in love with weightlessness and being upside down soon after her first experiences with ‘Acro' and Antigravity Fitness. These passions allows her to go upside down in a fun and trusted way. She also enjoys and shares the therapeutic healing effects on body and mind.

  • Yoga

  • Antigravity Fundamentals, Suspension Fitness, Yoga

  • Acroyoga

  • AcroFit

  • Dance