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yoga fundamentals

june 27th

10:00 am 

Yoga and meditation to ground yourself.

aerial conditioning on the floor 

june 27th

2:30 pm 

Master the hammock with these

moves on the floor

Refloormer pilates 

july 4th

4:30 pm 

Classical reformer principals, on the floor.

Pilates for scoliosis

july 11th

4:30 pm 

Safe exercise principals for people with scoliosis.

Pilates for scoliosis II 

july 12th

5:30 pm 

More advanced exercise principals for scoliosis.

pilates for hunched backs

july 18th

4:30 pm 

How to move better with forward head posture.

Guided meditations with sound healing

july 19th

7:00 pm 

post natal yoga

july 25th

5:00 pm 



july 31st

1:30 pm 

how to move better with forward head posture

more advanced exercise principals for scoliosis

Experience a new way of mindfulness.

Pilates while you stand.

Dedicated to the Super Moms.