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Aerial Teacher Training

Discover meaningful, life changing career options when you take up a Mindful Movement Teacher Training

We offer sponsorships and subsidies, with guaranteed teaching experience and guidance from our very experienced and nurturing mentors. With over 16 years of experience, we have a network of studios and clients looking for passionate new teachers willing to share their love of the transformative element of aerial.


2,3,4,10 & 11 June 
9am - 5pm 

Join Our Teacher Training 

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Thanks for starting your teaching journey

Guide People Safely 

Learn how to create a nurturing and safe environment for people to grow their confidence in the hammock and encourage others to breathe and take movement learning at their own pace and time.

Empower Others & Help others find Joy 

Help others grow into their full potential, bravery, and courage, by guiding them through difficult tricks and poses in the air. Also it takes people back the joys of childhood and playtime through this fun and engaging practice 

Find Your Voice 

Teaching others is a wonderful way to grow your confidence and capabilities. You’ll be able to practice public speaking, instruction, and bonding across a crowd with experienced teachers you can learn from, and who will communicate with you through your learning journey 

Make a Living Doing What You Love 

Find financial freedom by setting your own hours and making a living doing something that brings you joy. 

Mindful Movement

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