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Aerial Flow 

4:30 pm | Sunday

FlywithFitness | Woodleigh


Piece together existing poses to flow through a quick sequence or routine in this 90 minute aerial class. Focus on dynamic stretching and poses to help you find your way into a smooth, seamless transition in the air.


Pilates for Back Care

Pilates in the Park | Botanic Gardens


Grow your body awareness and improve mobility as you enter our Mat Pilates Class, challenging strength while emphasising proper form. Perfect for those who are looking for a great workout while conditioning their bodies or coming off an injury.


Aerial Chill 

FlywithFitness | Woodleigh


Hang Upside down and enjoy flight in our Aerial Orientation classes. In this awesome class come defy gravity and enjoy a deep stretch as you relax, decompress, and unwind. Some sneaky strength training is built in to help condition muscles used to pull yourself up and over heavy objects. 

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Aerial Conditioning


This full body workout trains strength, power, and mobility to prep for all the flips, drops, and twists we need to get strong and more mobile with aerial hammocks!


Foam Roller Pilates

Roll and Release

Find your balance and nurture your inner proprioception as we use the foam roller to release tension along the whole body, and work on strengthening deep subconscious muscles that run along the spine - leading to better balance, posture, and control of your body. 


Re-floor-mer Pilates 


Using a smooth surface and a towel with friction of your choice, this class replicates classical Pilates exercises done on the Reformer, on the floor. We advise having a few different kinds of towels to play with. 



Barre (Cardio) 

Barre is fast-paced fusion of dance, pilates, ballet and yoga set to upbeat, non stop music! Let our experienced instructors walk you through finer points of alignment as you embark on this fun, upbeat class so you never worry about achy backs or knees but enjoy the full benefits of barre!  


Equipment Pilates 

Privates or Duets Only 

Equipment Pilates is perfect for those who are looking for one-on-one attention, working with reformers and other specialised equipment help you attain your goals. These classes are especially helpful for those looking to return to their regular workout routine after physiotherapy or people with specialized issues. 


Gentle Yoga with Guided Meditation & Reiki

Meditation & Mental Health

Take a deep breath and connect inwards with this gentle yoga and guided meditation session, with distanced Reiki healing at the end. This class is suitable for beginners, first timers to yoga and those with injuries or for those who wish to try meditation but find it hard to sit still. Reiki awakens your natural healing ability and works not only for physical ailments but also for psychological health - healing for the body, mind and soul.

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